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Break your cig !

Break Cig That popular saying, "To stop smoking, don't start", is a bit ironic, since it definitely won't help you achieve your goal: to quit smoking.
The top five things you really need to know about quitting smoking are :
    • We're not all the same when it comes to our levels of addiction. For example, if you talk to someone who calls themselves an "Occasional Smoker or a Sunday Smoker", they'll tell you that "quitting is easy" and that "all you need is willpower".
    • The physical cravings for nicotine last less than 7 days.
    • Nicotine substitutes (the nicotine patch, the chewing gum, the e-liquids*) can help you stop smoking nicotine, particularly during the period of physical cravings, but they're most successful when coupled with an understanding of why you smoke and what triggers you to pick up a cigarette. Is it a reaction to periods of stress? A habit? Something else? Using only the nicotine substitutes can send conflicting messages to your brain. It will be unable to differentiate between the substitute and the "real" cigarette. This can make you think that the worst has passed and can lead you to lower your guard against starting smoking again.
    • By understanding your triggers, you can, little by little, develop new habits that will protect you against starting again. As human beings, we can understand that it's not the fact of falling that can hurt the most, it's the knowledge that just by walking, we put ourselves at risk of falling. In other words, sometimes it's the fear of failure that can prevent us from achieving our goal: to quit smoking.
    • Without help, (from your loved ones, your doctor, or other organizations), stopping smoking for good can be a challenge.
What you can take away from this :
    • The chatter from other people "who know better" won't help. Trust your instincts about what works for you.
    • If you've read this far, bravo. You're starting to understand that this is a rocky road chock full of obstacles.
    • Asking for help is not always easy, but could be the kick-start you need to start chasing your goal: to quit smoking.
In conclusion :

Perseverance is the key to your goal of quitting smoking.
Understanding your triggers will help you approach the problem in a more relaxed way.
Help is out there, you just have to ask.
The Team SwissVaporizer provides you his experience:
Mr. Gi managed to stop smoking at the beginning of October 2013, the first two weeks were very hardy and tense the first 3 months ! From this, it is happy to breathe again at full speed. Congratulations!
Mr. Dids stopped smoking in early November 2013 using a liquid nicotine replacement spray . The state of his breathing has improved but the nicotine addiction was indeed present . He managed to stop nicotine using an essential oil mixture that you can soon find out

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