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Arizer XQ2

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Arizer XQ2 vaporizer is a very good product for aromatherapy , as well as phyto- inhalation.
The version 2 of the very good Extrem Q. Keeping the fondamentals and adding customer value.

Arizer XQ2

  • Arizer XQ2 Tube Shisha
  • Arizer XQ2 Bol aromatherapie
  • Arizer XQ2 Nouveau
  • Arizer XQ2 Set Complet
  • Arizer XQ2 Multi-Usage


Arizer XQ2 is a very good product for aromatherapy , as well as phyto- inhalation.

The special bowl potpourri allows you to pour a few drops of your favorite above and light essential oil. What a delight for the senses!

Preprogramming temperatures, heated with a constant flow of air, a triple temperature sensor , the use of a balloon or a hose ( whip ) make it a very functional spray at low prices.

Enjoy the 3’ Whip attachment for on-demand direct draw, and try using the 3-speed Fan for Assisted Draw. Glass ends for easy cleaning and maintenance, high-quality silicone tubing for smooth vapor delivery, and convenient 360°Swivel Action for easy sharing!

XQ2 System
Botanicals such as Lavender, Chamomile, Orange Peels, and many more, can be vaporized for aromatherapy using the Glass Aromatherapy Dish. Heat your favorite herbs and flowers to precise temperatures and enjoy the pleasing aromas, terpenes, and botanical compounds to promote and enhance energetic or relaxing environments.

Mini Whip & Collection Bag
Use the convenient balloon system to fill collection bags/balloons with vapor to suit your preferences. Perfect for high volume use, sharing quality vapor with friends, and carrying with you around the home! Plus, customize the bag/balloon size for your needs.

Dynamic Color Leds
LED lights in the unit base and heater can be set to Dynamic Mode, Spectrum Mode, one of 8 individual color options, and can also be turned off. Spectrum Mode changes the color every 2 seconds in a continuous loop. Dynamic mode allows you to tell the state of the unit at a glance:

Heating – Pulses from Yellow to Orange
Reach Set Temperature – Blinks Green twice
Stable Temperature – Pulses Orange continuously
Fan Operation – Pulses Purple
Cooling – Pulses Cyan
Cooling with Fan – Pulses Blue

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Producer Arizer
Raw Material Glass, POM Plastic
Type of use Concentrate, Herb
Poids 300.0000
User manual Télécharger : arizer-extreme-q-user-manual.pdf
Visualiser : arizer-extreme-q-user-manual.pdf
Waranty 2 Years

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