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Vapman - Classic | Wood Pear tree

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Vapman Classic 'Wood Pear tree' is the perfect ultra- portable vaporizer ! Small, solid and without electricity, all you need is a torch lighter and filled voila .
With its protective mica , it will be with you wherever you go .
Wood: Wallnut Finishing: sanded, oiled ( linseed oil) and polished
Tip : POM polymer white Diameter ,
Height: 41mm ,
Width: 62mm
Weight: 18gr .


Vapman - Classic | Wood Pear tree

  • Vapman - Classic | Bois de Poirier (Vaporizer)
  • Vapman - Classic | Bois de Poirier (Vaporizer) bottom


In Vapman family, Vapman Classic 'Wood Pear tree' is an outsider.
Indeed, with its coating Mica ( Mica is the name of a family of minerals, silicates group, it is characterized by its layered structure ( phyllosilicates ) and high heat resistance ) its lifetime is extended.
The heat of the jet flame lighter can not damage the underside of this Vapman , unlike Vapman Basic.

1. Usable without electricity
2. pure taste
3. Strength
4. Light and small

1. Single User

Initially, as stated René ( the inventor of Vapman ) , better too little than too warm .
!! To try it is to adopt !!
nota bene : Vaporizer sold only , no box . If you want a box + Available funnel or other accessories in addition to buying your Vapman , please use the configurator

 : Vapman configurateur

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Informations complémentaires

Producer Element Medicament Sàrl
Raw Material Pear tree
Type of use Concentrate, Herb
Poids 20.0000
User manual Télécharger : vapman-manuel-utilisation-fr.pdf
Visualiser : vapman-manuel-utilisation-fr.pdf
Waranty 1 Year