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Prima Vapir Black

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Prima is the latest portable vaporizer Vapir Inc. placed on the market
A compact vaporizer, easy to use (one button) with interchangeable battery that heats in less than a minute!
Four preset temperature of 177 ° C to 204 ° C
Color : Black
Available in 4 colors: Silver / Blue / Orange / Black

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Prima by Vapir Inc.
This vaporizer developed by Vapir in California is a compact spray (12cmx4cmx3cm / 170gr) and very easy to use because there is a single button to set all.
Since its grip, it immediately feels the Prima is a robust vaporizer by its brushed aluminum body.
The Prima has 4 predefined temperature ranges. The indication of the temperature and condition of the battery is made by four small lights (LEDs). To turn it on, simply press more than 2 seconds on the only button Prima. Once activated, the lights will flash orange to indicate that the heater Prima. It was during this time that it is possible to adjust the temperature by pressing the button. Once all the lights are green (the green LED number will depend on your temperature selection), then it is possible to vaporize.
Temperature ranges:
1. 177 ° C-182 ° C
2. 185 ° C-190 ° C
3. 193 ° C-199 ° C
4. 199 ° C-204 ° C
When vaporizing, vapor passes through a stainless steel tube which does not alter the flavor of your botanical or extraction. The stainless steel tube is easy to remove, which is convenient for cleaning. A small brush comes with the Prima for the internal cleaning of stainless steel tube. The mouthpiece is easy to remove for cleaning.
The interchangeability of the battery of Prima makes him a great advantage. Just have a charged battery on you to be always ready to vaporize.
Note: Prima can not be used while the battery charge in its charging cradle.
• Li-Ion Battery 3200 mAh changeable in for a life of about 45 min
His mode of heating is by thermal conduction.
In addition, the Prima charges through USB or electrical outlet which makes it very flexible.
Protection against heat silicone can be put on the cap of the Prima.

Color : Black

5 years manufacturer's warranty (2 years for the battery)

The delivery includes:
- 1 x vaporizer Prima
- 1 x Battery
- 1 x Charger / Power
- 1 x USB Cable
- 1 x Brush
- 1 x Spoon Botanical
- 2 x Grid mouthpiece
- 2 x liquid grid (mesh)
- 1 x English User Guide
- 1 x Protection against heat silicone


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Informations complémentaires

Producer Vapir
Raw Material Aluminium, POM Plastic
Type of use Concentrate, Herb
Poids 200.0000
User manual Télécharger : prima_userguide_multi-language.pdf
Visualiser : prima_userguide_multi-language.pdf
Waranty 5 Years