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  1. Ascent DaVinci - Black Edition

    Ascent DaVinci - Black Edition

    Fin de Production

    The new DaVinci Ascent 'Black Edition' is the second generation of portable vaporizer developed by Organicix, LLC in Nevada. Ascent is currently the most innovative portable vaporizers on the market.
    Compact (height = 11.4 cm, large = 5.6 cm and width = 25.4 cm) and lightweight (200g), the look and feel of the DaVinci Ascent is best equated to that of a smartphone.
    Ascent delivers high quality vapor and it is possible to adjust the temperature each degrees to a maximum setting of 221°C or 3 programmable vape cycles. OLED display lets you view all your settings.


    1 Warm up time < 1 min
    2 Programming of the desired temperatures
    3 Very good vapor
    4 Content directly in the package:
    - 2nd tube for easy cleaning of the system
    - Two glass vials for liquid vaporization


    1 The decision to charge the batteries while roaming is not included (optional)

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