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Plants for phyto-Inhalation

Plants to Phyto-Inhalation.
The phyto-therapy or herbal therapy has been known since time immemorial . Vaporization of the plants comes into force in Europe in recent years . The benefits of hot vaporizing are larger and less 'secret' .

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  1. Cartouche Cannaliz « HAZE » 7% CBD (Phyto-Inhalation)

    Harmony e-liquide 100mg of CBD - Strawberry

    16,50 Frs

    E-liquid refill 10 ml with 100mg of CBD ( cannabidiol )
    CBD: 1% ( 100mg = 10mg/ml)
    Contains 80 % propylene glycol (PG) and 20% vegetable glycerin (VG) USP ( pharmaceutical grade )
    Taste Strawberry
    Non-psychotic effect without nicotine

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