Station Vapman

Best Innovation by Element Medical : Vapman Station 

The Vapman heating station by element medical Ltd awaited arrives  !

The Vapman advantages are well established: Compact, efficient and easy to use but added to that the electrical heating station Vapman and you will have the first vaporizer powered either by electricity or by lighter and while retaining Vapman strength.

The body of the station is made of blue anodized aluminum and wood giving it a true aspect of finishing products developed by element medical Ldt.

As the Vapman vaporizer, all components of the station are made in Switzerland. Thus ensuring quality, precision and reliability as always in Switzerland.

 Vapman Station instructions:

1) Turn on the station and selected the desired vaporization temperature using the dial button

2) Choose a temperature, there six different temperature settings

3) The red light blinks until it heat up to the working temperature

4) The orange light indicates that the station is ready for use

5) Placing your Vapman within the Vapman station on its support

6) The orange light will blink until the Vapman reaches the vaporization temperature

7) The green light indicates the Vapman can be used

8) Enjoy your vaporization!

This station can also load multiple Vapman, one after the other.

Silent and easy to use, the station has a built-in automatic shutdown system, which will cut the power to the station in order to preserve it.

Thanks to this Vapman station, you will not have any risk of burning your botanic!